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This important new book for Canadian business women looks at the 10 key characteristics of today's winning leaders. These characteristics - like compassion, honesty, and authenticity - were once seen as feminine weaknesses in business. But today, they define the leader who strengthens organizations rather than undermines them.

This book comes from the voices of experience, some 70 women who have participated The Judy Project, a leadership program run by the Rotman School of Management that has trained 400 women for future leadership positions. These women tell compelling, first-person stories about ambition, courage, and the hard choices they've made to manage personal and professional lives in the real world of business. It's sage advice for young women about how they can move up in organizations while remaining true to themselves and to their families.

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"An amazing compilation of real life stories and practical advice from so many incredible Canadian female business leaders. This book will be a special gift for all my women colleagues and mentees." - Kathleen Taylor, Chair, Board of Directors, Royal Bank of Canada

"What a textbook on leadership! These women share their very personal stories and show us great leadership is always about making human connections and providing opportunity for "ordinary" people to do extraordinary things." - Linda A. Hill, Professor, Harvard Business School, Co-Author Being the Boss: The 3 Imperatives for Becoming a Great Leader

"This book will inspire men and women to realize how diversity can bring great value to the business challenges of the day." - Annette Verschuren, Chair & CEO NRS and the author of Bet On Me

Key attributes of this new leadership style
Courage, Honesty, Connection, Compassion
Energy, Lifelong Learning, Tenacity,
Reinvention, Generosity, Authenticity

"This is a valuable book for any woman who wants to think about ambition in a new and fresh way. Through the stories and experiences of female executives, we discover how the values of honesty, compassion and generosity are essential for people and companies to reach their full potential." - Elizabeth Renzetti Columnist, The Globe and Mail

"This book celebrates the incredibly powerful legacy of Judy Elder and brings it to life through the stories of women leaders - unapologetically ambitious, change-making, kick-butt leaders. A must read for women, young and old, and the men who love them." - Tanya van Biesen, Executive Director, Catalyst LLP, Canada

“the leaders featured (in this book) are paying it (their experience) forward, sharing their insight on rising in the business world as a woman. Being a leader means bringing out the leadership in others, and making sure there’s not just a seat at the table, but a spot at the microphone, for those whose voices are all too often ignored. Because without that diversity of perspectives, expertise, and insight, we’ll never move forward as fast or go as far.” - The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, in his Foreword to The Collective Wisdom of High-Performing Women ~ Leadership Lessons from The Judy Project


An Enlightened Leadership Forum for Executive Women.
Initiative for Women in Business at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Mothers, Fathers, Men, Ambition … the people
and values that motivate and shape women’s success”
Judy Elder, Gift of Wisdom Speech, March 7, 2002

The Collective Wisdom of High-Performing Women:
Leadership Lessons from The Judy Project
Martine Irman, former SVP & Vice Chair, Global Enterprise Banking, TD Securities, Maria Theofilaktidis, EVP, Chief Compliance Officer & Head, Enterprise Risk, Scotiabank, Beth Wilson, CEO, Dentons Canada LLP, and Colleen Moorehead, Chief Client Officer, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP.

Getting to the Top. Women Leading Differently?
Colleen Moorehead speaking on The Agenda, TVO

Book excerpt: The Collective Wisdom of High-Performing Women
The Montreal Gazette, July 27, 2019
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